Olivia Hand knitted Throw Rug


Perfect to use as a knee blanket or to throw around your shoulders ona chilly evening.


Size 60cm x 170cm

Sizes may vary slightly as they are handmade and unique.
We are happy to quote for any specific sizes.

Un spun natural Wool with tan & brown flecks

Lead time on orders 2-3 weeks

Cleaning and care
We recommend that you dry clean your blankets. Our items can be hand washed in a gentle wool detergent but only use cold water and the blanket must be air dried.
Please use care if you choose to hand wash as unspun wool needs gentle treatment.
Dry cleaning and cold water wash can help your blanket to shed less.
If you have a large freezer, freezing your blanket can also greatly help to inhibit shedding for months afterwards.
From time to time you can snip the pilling ( little balls of fluff) with a pair of scissors and your blanket will look like new.