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Mint Interior Design creates interiors that evoke a sense of calmness. An interior is about the way it makes you feel. Feeling calm within your home and happy to live in the space is what helps us unwind. We have recently added a range of wellness products to our extensive interiors range. Products that are about creating a holistic environment for your wellbeing. We have aromatherapy diffusers and a range of 100% pure essential oils blends. Beauty products that are made from all natural ingredients, along with crystals to balance the body and mind.  Books about holistic living, crystals, indoor plants, cooking and more.  Here are some of my favourites wellness products.



A black tourmaline infused mist with sandalwood and oudh parfum oil for healing, deflecting stress and protecting thyself from bad juju. Black tourmaline is a stone of protection and grounding.

Spritz on your body for an all natural subtle perfume, and use as a part of your daily ritual before yoga, meditation, bath + bedtime.


H2O/distilled purified water, sandalwood parfum oil, oudh parfum oil, leuconostoc/(leucidal) radish root ferment, black tourmaline.


Calm - Essential Oil Roller Blend

On the go 10ml essential oil treatments.

Our essential oil roller blends are hand selected and tested to aid in many different physical ailments and emotions.

Simply roll directly onto the desired area and massage in.

Calm - soothe + still.


Fractionated coconut oil, vetiver, spruce, ho wood, frankincense, blue tansy, blue chamomile, bergamot lavender essential oils.


Nilla - Lip Treatment


Nilla - nourish + restore - lip treat.
A daily restorative lip balm to maintain soft, supple kissable lips. Easily-absorbed balm formulated with ethically sourced palm oil + vanilla extract.


Ethically sourced palm oil, beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, sunflower seed oil, glycerin, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, pure vanilla extract, tocopherol/vitamin E, soya bean oil.


Smith & Daughters: A Cook book (That Happens to be Vegan)

Smith & Daughters ignores convention in favour of plant-based creativity in the kitchen. Shannon Martinez and Mo Wyse set out to build a restaurant that’s fun and full of life, and where good food is served - that happens to be vegan. Shannon comes from the perspective of a carnivore and creates dishes that replicate the tastes and textures of meat that is the opposite of bland, predictable vegan food. Across 7 chapters, including big plates, small plates, salads, sweets, dressings and drinks, Smith & Daughters offers 80+ delicious vegan recipes with a Spanish twist to recreate at home. Recipes include ‘chorizo’ and potato, Spanish ‘meatballs’ in a saffron almond sauce, chipotle cashew ‘cheese’, ‘tuna’ and green pea croquettes and avocado and corn icecream.


    The Carly Bag

    The Carly Bag 



    Big and beautiful - combines our favourite jute macrame techniques with one of our other favourite things – the style and sounds of the 1970's. And so the name is inspired by iconic singer and feminist Carly Simon.

    "All men are created equal and all women are created equal as well...In the realms of man/woman, man/man, woman/woman love, it seems all up for grabs now. We are exploring so much, but I think we gotta go for the fight for all equality first." ~ Carly Simon

    Each layer is intricately twisted and knotted by fair trade artisans in a remote rural community of Bangladesh. A bamboo ring handle adds comfort and true 70's style.

    Roomy and full of our trademark texture and natural raw materials, these bags are the perfect addition to your relaxed modern boho wardrobe.


    SIZE: 65cm at widest point x 41cm high 10cm side gussets for extra room 15cm diameter bamboo ring

    Although delicate in appearance, this bag has been crafted to last. Jute changes colour in the sun, so store it away from harsh rays.  

    Desert Rose Crystal

    Desert Rose is a flower-like sphere that has been slowly etched by the desert sand. This crystal contains layers and layers of so called “pedals”, resembling a blooming red rose.

    Desert Rose is believed to quiet worries and promote mental clarity. Despite its gentle appearance, this stone embodies sturdy strength and assistance in standing your ground. This stone allows one to have heart-centered thoughts and brings clarity to understanding one’s own emotional body. It is believed to build strong decision making abilities and inspire truth and honesty. Allow this stone to provide you with a soft energy to sooth and calm the emotional and mental body.


    Having a Desert Rose nearby at home or in the office can help to remove energy blockages, strengthen decision making and aid in bringing prosperity to business. This stone will support you in your journey to realize your dream.


    Some of our favourite calming interiors, for your inspiration.....

    Warrior One yoga studio, that just happens to be my local studio.  


    Warrior One Yoga Studio

    Location: Mordialloc, VIC. Photography: Sharyn Cairns, Designer- Golden

    Inspired by the client’s deep connection to the ocean and a desire to create an organic, sensory experience for guests, Warrior One is a transportive yoga studio found in bayside Melbourne. Driven by the studio’s belief in a holistic approach to wellbeing, the design outcome is a physical manifestation of sophisticated, contemporary coastal culture, reflective of a space designed to for transcendent experiences.



    This original Byron Bay cottage, with its beautiful stained glass windows, airy light-filled rooms with lots of big glass windows to take in the Byron sunshine, high ceilings and timber bifold windows and doors opening out onto a lush garden and grassed area with its own splash pool, is pure sophisticated luxury.  
    A muted palette of soft olive greens and greys, warm ochres, rich creams and soft terracotta, provides delightful splashes of colour against the white walls.  
    The contemporary interiors feature the elegant minimalist aesthetic of scandi design furniture which sits perfectly beside richly textured wall hangings and rugs, warm natural timber pieces, statement lighting and lots of layering of linen in custom-made soft furnishings including billowing curtains, bedding and the plumpest of cushions.

    The Manor is elegant, relaxed, quintessential Byron Bay.