E-styling Explained August 07 2014, 0 Comments

This is a gorgeous E-styling Mood board created for a clients new apartment.  



Electronic Styling is a convenient & cost effective way to make use of my knowledge and experience as an Interior Designer.  I can create the look you want to achieve, despite time & distance constraints.


How does E-Styling work?

You will need to submit photos of your room along with all dimensions. You will also need to complete a questionnaire which includes your budget, needs for the room as well as any images of a style you would like to achieve. Once I have received all the information, I will promptly start designing your dream space. Once complete all information will be sent to you via email.


What is a Mood board?

Your Moodboard includes

- Paint swatch colours / wallpaper ideas

- Rugs, fabrics, window treatment suggestions,

- Furniture layout

- Lighting

- Styling decor

- Discounts on furniture & decor

- Links to online stores to purchase suggested pieces


Booking: Please email info@mintid.com.au to make a booking