Tableware to Love

Create style and sophistication in your kitchen with our carefully selected kitchenware.

Our Kitchenware section is loaded with stunning breadboards, salad servers, dishes platters, utensils canisters for storage and more.  We stock brands such as Menu, Mint Home, Zakkia, Gray & Co , General Eclectic and more.

Marble Chopping Board

Source: Only Deco Loves

Black Concrete Tray

Source: Zakkia


Grey Rectangle Concrete Tray

Source: Zakkia


Bottle Grinders by Menu - Click here 

Source:  Only Deco Loves


Set the Table with colour

Source: Mint Home




Pink Vase  as you Centrepiece

A stunning Kitchen by Melbourne based design firm Mim Design.  There style is instantly recognisable and always outstanding. 

Source: Mim Design

Spotted in the Kitchen is the Carlo Vase



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